Magic Birthday Party Blueprint

Finding the right activity for a birthday party can be a challenge.  Some hosts choose to hire an entertainer as the primary activity while others will have the party at an all inclusive party venue that can be expensive.

A budget friendly option is to host the party at your home and have the kids be active participants in the activity.  How about have the birthday child and guests present their own magic show?

Here is a checklist to host a magic birthday party:

  1. Visit your local library to check out some magic books (793.8) and/or videos
  2. Watch the videos and skim the books to select about 5 tricks appropriate for the party's age group.
  3. Gather the necessary materials to do the tricks for the guests to learn and practice during a mini-workshop.  The workshop / show activity should last about an hour - 30 minutes for the workshop and 30 minutes for the performance.
  4. MINI-WORKSHOP:  For tricks selected from a magic book team the kids up in groups of two or three and have an adult show and explain a trick to each group helping when needed.  For tricks selected from a video heave each group watch the video of the specific trick before practicing the trick.
  5. PERFORMANCE:  One child from each team (group) performs their new trick while other members of the team help out and cheer on their team mate.

Suggested Time table for a 2 hour Party:
  • 30 Minutes - Photo session during guest arrival on a "Magic Carpet" tile or play a movie such as Now You See It or Harry Potter for older kids. 
  • 30 Minutes - Learn a magic trick workshop
  • 30 Minutes - Show Time!
  • 20 Minutes - Party Cake 
  • 10 Minutes - Gift Opening

Be sure to consider magic themed decorations, invitations and party favors to enhance the party atmosphere.

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